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Annie the Shepherd and the Sunbeam Ultrasonic Handheld Bark Control

Annie the Shepherd and the Sunbeam Ultrasonic Handheld Bark Control

By now many of you know that this blog is about Luna my husky and all of the things that she likes and learns about. Today I am going change things up and write about her pal Annie the German Shepherd! 

This is Annie the German Shepherd.

Luna the Husky and Annie

Annie the German Shepherd in Texas Bluebonnets

She is a gorgeous puppy, almost a year old now and she is massive weighing in at over 60 pounds and growing. Annie is a very social, very happy girl and she and Luna hit it off from the moment they met. Annie lives close by so her and Luna get together a lot! Annie however, just like Luna is a puppy! And puppies do silly things as they grow and it is our job to get them sorted out. One funny thing that Annie taught Luna was how to bark when it is play time. So when Luna goes for a visit and Annie wants to make her play she will put her face right into Luna's and go bonkers barking until Luna caves and plays. When Luna first met Annie, she came home thinking that she should be barking at Thor to make him play too, luckily she isn't much of a barker by nature so that ended pretty quickly and now she just jumps on him instead.  

Petsmart San Antonio

Annie and Luna being pal puppies

Back to Annie.  German shepherds are fantastic guard dogs, they are awesome at alerting people when things are not as they should be and that is one of my favorite traits about them. Right now Annie is living with someone that she has taken a disliking to, however, and anytime they go anywhere in the house, she goes crazy barking.  Normal methods of training haven't even put a dent in her vocal antics so a deterrent method was tried out instead. This Ultrasonic Bark Control made by Sunbeam was purchased from our local Petsmart to see if maybe she could be trained to keep her cool. 


Sunbeam Ultrasonic Handheld Bark Control for Annie

Some important things to note about using sonic devices to train: 

1) Don't use them less than 12 inches away from ears, it can actually cause damage being that close in the long term so it is important to keep a little distance when using it.
2) It is not designed to eliminate ALL barking, it is only intended to assist with nuisance barking, so your dog will still be effective at protecting your home.
3) It is made for training, not teasing. As a tool it can be a great aid in helping your pet to learn but should not be over-used.

After a couple of days using the Ultrasonic Bark Control, Annie seems to be doing a little better. When we stopped by on park day she didn't bark at us at all when we came in so I think it is worth trying out if you have a nuisance barker.This Ultrasonic Bark Control uses batteries for operation but they are easy to put in, no screws or tools needed so that is a plus. It has kind of an egg shape that will fit comfortably in your hand so it is simple to click and carry if you want to train pup on the move. Another neat inclusion with the Ultrasonic Bark Control is a wristband, which took me a second longer to put in because I am not very coordinated but for normal people it should be simple. I would certainly recommend trying it out with your little barker, it is durable and works.We love Annie very much and I am excited to see her growing up and learning all sorts of things, hopefully this Ultrasonic Bark Control will give her the redirect she needs to bark a little less, but I will love her just the same either way! 

Husky and Shepherd San Antonio


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