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Friday, July 28, 2017

Dealing With Consistent Naughty Husky Behaviors

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Dealing With Consistent Naughty Husky Behaviors

When it comes to training Luna my husky, one of the most important things that I want to teach her is the importance of being a good girl.  Listening to the commands, "no", "drop-it" and "leave it", are just the beginning of having a well-rounded little husky and they are a daily, repetitive thing that I cannot let slip even once.

Naughty Training
Peaceful Rest Time.
I am a huge advocate of positive reinforcement and 95% of the time it works well. When Luna does a good thing, she gets a sweet treat, or a hug or a big old dance around party. This is one of my favorite parts of having a husky puppy. When she does something good, she knows it and she wants to celebrate it with me!
But what about the other 5%? Well being an independent, stubborn and obstinate little girl, Luna and I can have some doozeys when it comes to trying to get her to listen.  This is where the other type of tool comes in handy.  For her little puppy friend Annie, the Sunbeam ultrasonic egg has worked pretty well, but I didn't really want to use that for my girl as I have other dogs too, and the device makes noise they all hear. 

Dogs Sleeping on Couch
My 3 little canine companions!

So I went with the method that worked for my Boston Terrier Thor and my American Staffordshire Terrier Bella, a classic water bottle.  Spray when she isn't listening and bam, immediate change in behavior right? Wrong. Luna is a water lover. LOVER. She took that first round of bottle spraying as a treat, I could see her actually thinking, "Thanks, Ma can I have another?" 
I went ahead and decided to add something distasteful and harmless to the water to see if the tool would be more effective and after some deliberation, decided on vinegar.  I already use vinegar and water to clean my floors and the animals tend to avoid me as I clean so I knew that it would not be something that Luna went for. I filled a spray bottle with mostly water, and about 1/4 of a cup of vinegar, just enough to give it an aroma.

Dogs, Pups, Playing

The next time she and Thor were wrestling and got too worked up - when they both get snarly I separate them - I gave a spray and it worked.  In fact, it works every time, now I only have to lift the bottle up and if she sees me she will stop what she is doing.  If I don't have to spray it, she gets a treat, again, positive reinforcement. If I have to spray, well, she is stinky for a couple minutes haha! It is not hurtful to Luna and it hasn't warped her love of water, which she still leaps into like a maniac, so I think it is an effective and safe way to discipline her when she decides to not listen to me. 

No matter what methods you use to teach your husky to be the best puppy it can be, make sure you are consistent! If you only discipline or praise intermittently, your pet is not going to understand what you are trying to do. 

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