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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How Luna the Husky Stays Cool in Texas

How Luna the Husky Stays Cool in Texas

San Antonio pup staying cool

Luna staying cool in the pool!

We have had Luna the Husky for several months now and I am learning all about what works and what doesn't work when it comes to keeping her cool in this ridiculous Texas heat.  One of our very favorite activities is of course, water play, which gives her a chance to decide her own level of coolness based on how much she splashes around. I have found that adding some ice to the pool adds to the fun, because she will go after the pieces and fling them out of the pool, kind of takes away from the cooling factor however since she dumps them haha!

san antonio tx

Luna the husky looking to make a buddy!

The latest addition to her cooling options has been a K9 Chill Cooling Collar which belongs to her friend Annie the German Shepherd, but Annie doesn't really like being wet, so she doesn't use it.  Also, Annie is massive and it doesn't fit her too well anymore! Anyhow, we went to our favorite doggy outdoor area, McAllister Park the other day and gave it a try.  Lo and behold, it must have been alright because she pranced around the park like the Queen of Sheba! 

park, san antonio, cooling collar

Face sniffing Merry-Go-Round

mcallister park

How does my face smell?

car, ride, home, dogs

Time to go home from the park now!

She ran around the park the whole time and didn't even try to pull the cooling collar off. Before putting it on her to take her to the park, we got it wet with cold water and put it in the freezer for just a little while.  It stayed pretty cool for the hour we were at the park, we did get it wet again when Luna mad dashed through the water fountains hahah! She seemed pretty happy with it. 
The collar does have a hole on it so you can still attach their leashes without taking it off which is convenient too. Overall Luna stayed pretty cool and wet, which she loves!

I think that this cooling collar is a pretty helpful and price friendly option when it comes to keeping your dog comfy while they play in the hot weather. Of course even with the collar and other cooling tools, it is not a good idea to leave your pet out in the 100 degree Texas heat for more than an hour or so at a time. Remember, if you wouldn't do it, your dog - with lots more fur - doesn't want to either!

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