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Friday, July 21, 2017

Husky Puppy Training - Come

Husky Puppy Training - Come

The other day I talked about working with Luna on the command, "Look at me." While this is an important one as getting her attention is a requirement to really work with her on other commands, there are a lot of other commands that are just as important.

Look At Me Command
Look At Me helps to have clear pictures of Luna's face!

After being successful at completing "Look at me," consistently, I began working with her on the next one on my list, "Come." Come is an extremely important command as with any dog that gets sidetracked or overexcited it can really help with resetting their behaviors.
Luna, being a husky, has been absolutely tricky with me on this command, not going to lie. My other two dogs, Bella the American Staffordshire Terrier and Thor the Boston Terrier both respond to "Come," the first time I say it whereas Luna has to sit and determine if coming to me is really going to be worth stopping whatever she is doing, even if she is just sitting there doing nothing.  I will say, "Luna, look at me." When she looks up from seriously, just sitting on the floor staring at the wall, I will say, "Luna, come." And she will stare at me for what seems like forever - evaluating the worthiness of my command.

Come Command
Should I come or is this dirt more exciting?

To make this command work it was imperative that I create a tasty and inviting proposal that made it worth listening to me.  So with a delicious meaty (and small) treat, I told her to come.  And of course, when the bonus is so fabulous, it is totally worth following the command. Just like that she started to respond more often.  Now for the most part she will come when I call her, unless of course there is a tasty looking squirrel she would rather have but I can't really blame her for that!
It is important that when you train your pet, anyone else you want to have them listen also participates in the training. My kids work regularly with Luna to make sure she listens to them, that way when I am not around she doesn't go completely nutsy! If you find that your pet has started to listen and then stops, be sure to bring back the tasty treats and re-train. It takes awhile to learn new commands so some back stepping is perfectly natural and should not be punished.  Punishing behaviors is generally a last resort option when your pet is bound and determined not to listen to you at all.

Also keeping the command words short makes it easier for you to remember and easier for your pet. But once you decide on a word make sure that anyone who is commanding your pet knows how to address them because if "Come," is the word and you instead say "Get over here," they are not going to have any idea what you are talking about.
For the command "Come," starting out, as soon as they are within your vicinity you can take a couple steps towards your pet and tell them good job and give them the delectable treat. After they pick up on the general idea of the command you can withhold the treat until they get into arm's length and then of course wean them off the treat over time and practice with lots of petting and positive words.

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