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Monday, August 7, 2017

KONG Squeez Stick Dog Toy

KONG Squeez Stick Dog Toy

When it comes to huskies, they can never have enough toys to stay interested and busy. I only let her have two or three a day and I rotate them out or else she gets bored and has to find the not so good type of entertainment, like destroying my kids' stuffies!

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Staring blankly into space is more interesting than the new Kong toy!
I recently purchased this KONG Squeez Stick Dog Toy for my husky Luna who loves to chew! She was going through water bottles like crazy loving the crackle sound they made so when I saw this toy at Petco I had to buy it. The water bottles require complete supervision as she can tear into them quite easily, but for five minutes at a time they make a fun toy.

Medium Size Works Well for 6 Month Old Luna
Well when I got home and let her try it out I was sort of disappointed. She didn't seem too interested, so I assumed it was because I had also gotten her a fantastic Water Buffalo horn to chew on and she preferred it. I rotate her toys daily, as huskies are notorious for getting bored and so far she has only shown an interest in it for a couple minutes at a time when it comes into play time. 

The toy itself seems pretty durable, she is a tough chewer and hasn't broken through any part of it yet. I like the textured exterior, I figured that would make it more interesting for Luna to use but she actually doesn't seem to like the bumps at all. The noise factor should play a big role in the toy as she is a major fan of the squeaky ones, however she couldn't care less about chewing on the KONG Squeez Stick Dog Toy enough to get it to make the crackle sound. 

It could possibly be made more interesting if there were indentations on the ends to add peanut butter to, just to draw more attention.

I would have to say that for my dog, this toy is sort of a dud....but if you have a pup who enjoys the rubber style chew toys and a crackling sound, this may just be the one for you!

Just a Little Lick

I did record her playing with the KONG Squeez Stick Dog Toy a little bit when I first gave it to her, you can check it out here: 

KONG Squeez Crackle Stick Dog Toy 

If you find that your puppy is a medium to heavy chewer and likes to have toys that make noise, this one may work pretty well for your canine companion. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

*I have not been paid or compensated in any form for giving my opinion on this Kong Squeez Stick Dog Toy from Petco, I am just a consumer who likes to share her thoughts on doggy products with the world!

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