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Friday, August 4, 2017

Kurgo Dog Pack From Petco

Kurgo Dog Pack From Petco 

So Luna, my husky puppy, gets to go out and about with me pretty often as I am socializing her.  At 7 months old now, she tends to be a little bashful around people so I make it a point to get her out to the parks and over to my families house for lots of playtime fun.  (Also walking around the neighborhood twice a day helps too!)
In this set of photos, we are hanging out at Walmart waiting for Scott (my husband) to get some supplies for our 4th of July cookout at my parents! The second he gets out of the car, Luna takes advantage of the empty driver's seat and she is so terribly adorable I have to take some photos.  Being a husky and all she has to feel like she has a job so we just got her a special Kurgo pack from Petco which allows her to carry her tasty treats, doggy poo bags and of course a water bowl for those impromptu thirsty moments! Can't be too careful in the Texas heat!

San Antonio, Texas
Checking out the Walmart Shoppers!

The pack is still a little big on her but she didn't mind putting it on, this was her first car ride wearing it and I think she did very well! This side shot shows one of the pockets with two sections for holding items, I put an extra harness in one and treats in the other.  I like the pulls on the zippers, they are large and easy to grab as well as trendy, giving the carrier a modern look. 

San Antonio, Texas - harness
Gotta See it All!
The clasps were a little tricky to figure out, and of course this is the tightest that they go so I had to try tucking ends in so there wasn't anything to tempt Luna into a chewing fest! The Kurgo straps seem pretty sturdy though and the clasps click into place smoothly. I like the padding at the front, kind of adds a bit of security to the harness.

San Antonio, TX harnesses
Something fun out there.....Squirrel!!
Luna was checking out some squirrels here, but she wasn't allowed to chase them....

Fine....I will just sit and wait...

After deciding that she was not going to be able to get the squirrel she laid back and showed off the other side of the Kurgo pack. It has two sections on that side as well, I had doggy bags in one and a water bowl for walks in the other section. With all the goodies the pack was still very lightweight, she is just a pup after all, can't overdo the work!

San Antonio, Texas harness
Lovin' the Dog Life!

Overall the Kurgo pack seems very durable and she can grow into it so hopefully we won't have to replace it anytime soon. It is a little challenging getting it sized correctly and put on her with all the clasps but it is easy to walk her in it and she hasn't tried to destroy it while she wears it so far.  If you want to give your dog a job (working breeds like huskies and shepherds can benefit from this type of pack) this Kurgo will make your pup feel like they are doing what they are meant to, working for you!

~ I have not been paid or compensated in any form for giving my opinion on this Kurago pack from Petco, I am just a consumer who likes to share her thoughts on doggy products with the world! ~

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