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Monday, July 10, 2017

Luna the Husky And Her Friends

Luna the Husky And Her Friends

Luna and Annie Get To Play!!
Luna despite having lots of animals to play with at home (we have a 10 year old American Staffy and a 6 year old Boston Terrier too, along with two cats, two bunnies and a bird) is a husky. And huskies need lots of socialization to keep them healthy and happy. Lucky for her, she has two little buddies to hang out with too.  She also gets to go to the dog parks and is walked twice a day by yours truly! So yesterday we had some grilling time fun with the family and Luna played with Kia, the white ball of fluff and of course her special pal Annie the German shepherd! My folks got an outdoor pool for Annie and Kia to enjoy, as it turns out Luna loves it the most! You can see her enjoying a cool dip, and then having a sip of water afterwards in this short video clip! 

Luna and Annie Enjoying Some Bonding Time.
Of course after a good swim in the Texas heat it is important to stay active and cool off indoors so the animals all came in for a good rest and romp.  Minus the rest, double the romp....After Nana popped off the couch Luna started a new game that Kia and Annie joined in on, a classic....Queen of the hill! And after a good round of play time banter, Luna won! She is so rough and tough! Check out her epic couch battle here
Luna and Kia Warm Up For an Epic Battle!
So after an afternoon filled with lots of play time fun, it is time to go home and she is an active car rider for sure. Luna goes back and forth non stop all the way home....which makes me think maybe she didn't work out all her energy on her friends, so some play time with her buddies at home may be in order before bedtime!

Happy and Not Quite Tired Yet!

Luna Loves Her Humans!!

As a husky puppy owner it is very important that your dog gets different varieties of exercise. If you over walk on one type of surface constantly it can deter their healthy bone growth and cause hip problems so make sure that your pup is working their energy out in lots of separate ways.  No more than 20 minutes of just plain walking each day until they are full grown! Lots of backyard and indoor play is encouraged as long as they are not leaping from the roof!!! 

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