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Monday, July 31, 2017

Luna the Husky and her Water Buffalo Horn

Luna the Husky and her Water Buffalo Horn

This is a photo of the most recent toy that Luna has acquired in her collection of non-stop entertainment. Huskies get bored very quickly so it is recommended that you leave two to three toys out at a time and rotate once a day or every couple days to keep them interested. I generally have a squishy, squeaky style toy out along with a harder to chew one, that way she has a variety to work with. 
She really prefers the harder toys that she has to work on so this water buffalo horn has turned out to be one of her favorites. In this photo she was mid working on it, so I apologize for the blur! 

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Chewing the big end of her Water Buffalo Horn!

After over a week of using it, she has barely made a dent and she is a mid to heavy chewer at almost 8 months old.  As with any toy, it is extremely important that playtime is supervised because it is a toy, not food so pieces that come off need to be discarded. That being said, so far this toy has not slivered or had any pieces fall off so I would definitely recommend it for other husky owners to use. 

Water buffalo horn
Luna enjoying her new horn!

 These water buffalo horns come in all sorts of sizes, varieties and shapes, so you can easily find one to work with your pooch of any type. I was a little concerned that the sharp, pointy end of the horn would be a problem but Luna likes the other end of it better.  Also the horn is hefty, and if you have a husky you know they love to toss their toys in the air to play. She is definitely able to do this and it can be a loud event when she gets worked up, which I love but others may not! Overall this water buffalo horn is one of the better purchases I have made for Luna toy-wise, it is a little pricier than some of the others but it has definitely outlasted many bones already.

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