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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Luna the Husky and the Petstages Dogwood Stick

Luna the Husky and the Petstages Dogwood Stick

About a week ago, I got Luna the husky this fresh, new Petstages Dogwood Stick. I was actually torn between getting her a deer antler and this and decided that this toy was more price friendly and looked a little larger than the antler. The packaging on the dogwood stick boasted a real wood smell, and Luna does love real sticks, so I was hoping that would draw her in. And of course, with her being a heavy chewer, durability is a must, I don't want to have to replace toys every single day.  Give me at least three days at at time! 
This dog bone has a textured surface, which is generally good for pets mouths, helping to remove tarter buildup while exercising their jaws. When I first gave it to Luna she had her choice of it and another toy and chose the other toy first, but over the past week she has dedicated some serious time to this one so I think it is a win.  It does show signs of being played with, but given the strength of her jaws, it is holding up quite well.  I have a little video of her and her friend Annie the German Shepherd playing around together with it too. Check it out! 

I would recommend, as always, to make sure that you are watching your puppy at all times with this bone and most other toys too, as there are small pieces that come off which should be thrown away rather than eaten. It is a chew toy, not food. 
It is definitely good for moderate chewers, I can't say for sure on heavy chewing as Luna isn't full grown yet so her bite is going to get rougher but for those with small to medium breeds, this is a good, distracting option to keep them busy.

Luna chomping on the dogwood stick!

Another part of this toy that works well for Luna is that it floats. She is a water fanatic so we take a toy or too for her to fling into the pool, and then fish out again later and this one is simple for her to grab. I didn't catch footage of her first round with it, but it was entertaining! 

Petstages Dogwood Stick
Petstages dogwood stick can do the job!

Also some toys that she chews, especially flavored ones make her tummy upset which means loose stools.  This is one of those toys.  So I only let her chew on it for small periods at a time or else we end up with a day of sad puppy tummy. If your breed is a husky, or any other with known sensitive tummy issues, definitely monitor the amount of time spent with this Petstages Dogwood Stick

For more information on this Petstages Dogwood Stick check it out here!

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