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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Luna the Husky at McAllister Dog Park San Antonio, Texas

Luna the Husky at McAllister Dog Park San Antonio, Texas

As a husky owner it is important to me to make sure that my dog gets the socialization that she needs. Without meeting lots of new people and dogs, not only can she get bored and destructive but she could very well become aggressive and unfriendly.  I noticed right away after first taking Luna on walks (after her puppy shots were completed) that she tends to be bashful with new people.  Very similar to how my kids are actually, which is not a bad thing. Caution can't hurt but it is important that caution doesn't turn to rudeness! I have spent many years working on my kids to get them to at least say hello to folks who say hi, and they still don't do it sometimes! 

McAllister Dog Park San Antonio TX

Luna the Husky Laying at the Dog Park

I didn't want that to happen with Luna so I would walk her around the block and chat with all the neighbors to get her to warm up to them. Ah, also just because I like to talk...So she has become a little more friendly, nothing like my Boston Terrier Thor who goes nutty just hearing us talking about people, but a nice median. 
After her second round of Lepto shots, I know people have mixed feelings on vaccines but I really don't want to risk her drinking icky water as she is as water nut, I was finally able to take her to the doggy park.  And she seems to like it pretty well, she does a bit of playing and hanging out so I think it is working. 

McAllister Park San Antonio TX

Check out that crazy tongue!

Last night, we went to McAllister Park in San Antonio, Texas which is the only one we really go to right now as the Universal City one is currently closed due to an influenza outbreak. Not only is it a dog park, but it is also a people park! It is massive, with walking trails, sports fields, play equipment and of course the dog areas. The park was pretty busy last night too as it is the first time in a couple weeks that it hasn't been sunny and a billion degrees.  Anything over 80 and I don't really like to take Luna out anyhow, if I can't deal with it than neither can she! 

McAllister Park San Antonio TX

Luna the Husky and Annie the Shepherd checking out a new friend!

Here is a little video of Luna walking around at the park right after we got there!

After the fun at the park we rode around for a bit checking out the park and even saw some deer! In this group of them there was an adorable little fawn that Luna would have enjoyed chasing for sure. She is a vicious predator by nature you know! 

Dog Park

The deer didn't even care about all the people hanging around!

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