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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Luna the Husky Loving Water Play in her Pool

Luna the Husky Loving Water Play in her Pool

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Luna the Husky Staying Cool

My family is full of dog lovers and over the years many pups have been in my life and some of my favorites were water lovers! The two dogs that I have at home now with Luna my husky, however, do not like water at all. Bella is a rescue dog who has a terrible fear of water and storms, so she was never going to be a fan and then Thor just doesn't like it for some reason, although if I stick him in the tub he will tolerate it as long as I am giving him a soapy rubbing!
Huskies are major water lovers though so I was super excited to bring her home and see how much fun the water play would be. And I was so right....she is an exuberant water fanatic! The only issue that I didn't take into account was that water is also part of her diet....which means no water bowl is safe at my house anymore!
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Enjoying a quick lay-down in the pool!

I had big plastic bowls to begin with, actually in this video you will see her messing with the blue one - it was graduated to an outside dish because of what she does to the bowl hahaha.  I changed out the big bowls for standard stainless steel ones and it helped just a tad.  What really stopped her from going to town on the bowls indoors was keeping them shallow. That means I have to fill it up more often throughout the day but I think that is better than having to mop up water every 10 minutes and then refill on top of that. Also stainless steel bowls are less likely to build up bacteria and they are super easy to keep clean so that was a better overall option for daily use. 
Outside in the heat of the Texas sun is a different story.  We have a pool for her to enjoy that is filled quite often and then the other bowl that is in the video too just to make sure there is enough water to keep the dogs happy and cool.

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Just relaxing in the water!

Huskies are decent moderators of their own temperatures. They have a dual-coat design that helps to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer so it is imperative that you do not, under any circumstances shave them. This messes with their internal thermostat and can result in them being terribly uncomfortable which is not what any loving dog owner wants for their pup. Instead, provide lots of nice cool water for them when it is hot and they will keep themselves just right.  Of course that also doesn't mean leave them in 100 degrees all day long, you wouldn't do that to a person so definitely don't do it to your canine companion. And it is ok to trim the hair between the pads on their feet to keep them from being so slippy slidey across tile and wood floors, but it is not necessary for their survival.

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Happy Dog Happy Life!

In this video Luna my husky has some summer water fun play in a plastic pool that we got for her and I definitely recommend considering a pool for your water loving dogs. It is non stop entertainment watching them playing in the water! Luna prefers to just get the bottom of her body wet, not really the back of her coat but if she gets too hot she isn't choosy!

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