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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All About Husky Hair

All About Husky Hair

So you fell for it, that cute little fluffy face, that fuzzy curly tail, that goofy puppy expression that makes you laugh every time you look at them. A husky.  They are among the most adorable breeds of dogs you can get, and they know it! They have as much personality in that adorable little body as they do fur and when it comes to don't know fur until your pup has blown its first coat, and then it is ALL you know!
san antonio texas huskies grooming
Luna hanging out, cute style!
Huskies are definitely worth dealing with the world of fur though, they are playful, intuitive, smart, sweet, loving, happy dogs but how do you deal with all that fur? 
Well, first off, the big don't.  Don't Ever Cut that beautiful fur off (unless deemed essential by your veterinarian, anything they say trumps general rules.) You live in Texas? It is 100 degrees all the time and you think they are going to boil? They should be inside dogs then, like my Luna! We live in Texas and she spends a few minutes outdoors at a time on hot days (no more than an hour) - if I can't take the heat, she definitely can't. 

san antonio texas huskies grooming
Luna self-regulates with a pool! 
Huskies naturally have a double coat of fur.  So instead of just dealing with a constant shedder that has a single layer, you have twice the amount of fur to deal with.  
Why is this necessary you ask? Well as huskies were bred specifically for pulling sleds in cold temperatures, that double coat came in handy for keeping them alive when it was terribly chilly! The magical part of this coat though, isn't in the extra warmth it provides, it is in the way it allows your pup to actually regulate their own temperature, so they can keep cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. 
Their top layer has long, thick guard hairs which protect their skin and overall coat. This coat actually repels water, allows breathability in the heat and also blocks the suns harmful UV rays, to keep them protected. The top hairs are straight and will actually shed gradually year round, so brushing once a week can help.
The undercoat is a soft, downy layer that will keep your puppy protected when it is super cold out. Those hairs are often just a little crimped and fine. For the most part this hair will shed out twice a year, but can be more or less often based on where you live. The actual process of blowing their coats can take up to six weeks to finish out, so be prepared for lots of brushing and hair all over! 
After deciding that year round hair all over is worth all of the joy that a husky can bring, what can you do to maintain a clean house? It is all about the grooming! 

san antonio texas huskies grooming
Personality! Personality! Personality!
There are all sorts of brushes that you can use that will help to keep your home from being a fur-filled mess. Of course, just because you groom your pet, doesn't mean there won't be hair, so yes, there will be much vacuuming, but it is completely worth it! 
I use a bristle brush daily on my husky, as this offers a little shine on her fur and also helps to keep her happy without over pulling her hair - if I only brush once a week she doesn't like the brush anymore. 

Then, once a week I use a slicker brush with beads on the end that is softer, this pulls the loose hairs out while feeling gentle on her fur. 

When it is time to blow her coat there are two tools that can make it easier, a furminator, or a generic version and a shedding blade. These will clear out the blown coat with relative ease! 

san antonio texas huskies grooming
Works for Luna, should work for Em too! 

Do you have questions about huskies and their fur? Feel free to email them to me, I am happy to answer if I can!!!

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