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Friday, August 18, 2017

Are Huskies Good or Badly Behaved Dogs?

Are Huskies Good or Badly Behaved Dogs?

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Luna Making Friends at Universal City Dog Park
It is time to talk about the Siberian Husky personality and behavior! When it comes to deciding what type of dog is right for your home, family and you, it is important to research everything you can about the breed so you don't change your mind after bringing them home. It is all about being prepared! 
Huskies can be both good and badly behaved dogs.  It really depends on how you train them and what you consider bad behavior versus instinctive behavior too. For example, Siberian huskies have a very high predatory drive so if you are going to reprimand them for bringing you a rat/squirrel/bird/kitten or other small creature, they may not be the breed for you. This is not considered bad behavior, but it is most certainly husky behavior.

Let's take a look at what is considered their Good qualities first.
  • Huskies are lovers. They are a pack dog and instinct tells them to be with that pack all the time and shower them with love.  When it comes to Luna, my husky, she shows this by following me everywhere I go and licking me at any opportunity.  They also love other dogs and can love cats too depending on how high their kill drive is and how they view the cat. Some will immediately see them as a pack mate, some will see them as a light snack. My cat was the same size as Luna starting out and they like to play together, although my cat thinks Luna is too energetic! 
  • They are very smart. Yes, this is a good quality! Huskies have the capacity to learn all sorts of commands and listen to you when you talk to them. When trained properly, they can even be used as helper dogs.
  • The Siberian husky is not possessive. In my house this is great because I have all sorts of animals and it is important to be able to show them all love without the others feeling jealous. 
  • This breed is energetic.  Very energetic. Extremely energetic. If you are looking for a dog that can keep up with you in a marathon, jog with you in the morning, briskly walk around the city, this is the one for you. Every time you take them outside it is like a kid in a candy store. They will look at EVERYTHING. When you want to play, they want to play. 
san antonio, texas
Getting Ready to Dive in for a Friendly Face Lick!

Here come what can be considered as Bad qualities.
  • Huskies are energetic. Yes, this was also on the good quality list! Because of their endless buoyant energy, they can get into mischief! And when they get into mischief it is not like the little dogs who might tear a hole in your favorite sock, they will rip the entire couch up into bite sized pieces. 
  • They are high maintenance. Because they are such lovers, huskies need attention, they need a present family. If you are gone all day long and leave them alone, they will be lonely, anxious and that will lead to, you guessed it...mischief. 
  • Siberian huskies need constant training.  They are not like other breeds where you teach them to sit and they sit forever.  Huskies need to be learning and doing things all the time to feel like they are serving their purpose. Training helps to provide that for them.
  • They are independent.  Although you might work every single day on commands and training, when your pup decides there is something else they would rather be doing, well, they are not going to listen to you. Their willfulness can cause you and your husky to not get along so well, so you have to be prepared to handle that stubborn streak in a loving way. 
san antonio, texas
Sleepy After Park Play!

When it comes down to it, a Siberian Husky has the potential to be the best dog you ever have, but you have to be ready to put the work in to establish that lasting relationship with them. They can be ideal for a first time dog owner, as long as the owner knows ahead of time that the pup requires a lot more attention then say, a pug. Generally speaking, most say that you should have some experience with other breeds before trying one out though. Also, you may find that after you bring your husky pup home that you fall so in love that you end up with a whole pack of them! 

Crate Training can be a good first step to having a surprise free home! ~
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Umbilical Training is a helpful option for starting your husky off on the right foot! ~
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Here is another place to check out helpful information on the pros and cons of this fantastic furry breed! ~ YourPureBredPuppy ~

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