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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Frequent Questions Asked About Siberian Huskies

Frequent Questions Asked About Siberian Huskies

san antonio, texas

As a husky owner, I have found that there are many questions people like to ask about the breed, especially in Texas where the heat is always radiating down, boiling everything in sight! OK, that is a mild exaggeration, but it gets hot enough here in San Antonio that I can't walk on the sidewalk barefoot for sure! In my neighborhood it is uncommon not to run into a friendly neighbor every time I walk Luna, and the majority have questions! As I get the same questions pretty consistently, I thought I would share a couple answers to the most popular ones I hear. 
Here are the top 8 in no particular order.....

What is the highest temperature a husky can take?
This seems like a common sense question to me, just look at the dog! If it is too hot for me, who has no fur, it is too hot for my Siberian Husky.  Luna, my husky can safely handle up to 100 degrees as long as she can walk on grass and is not out for very long. I also feel that this same answer applies to any breed though. If you are not willing to spend the day outside in the boiling sun, why would you expect your canine companion to? 

What is it like raising a husky in hot weather?
Exactly the same as if I was raising the husky in regular steady temperatures. Luna the husky and I spend about 20 minutes at a time outdoors on potty breaks, play breaks and walk breaks. I only take her out for a quick potty break during peak heat times. I would do the same no matter where I lived though. So yes, a husky can live in hot weather as long as you keep them as an indoor dog with comfortable air conditioning most of the time.

Are Huskies smart?
Yes. Siberian huskies are uncommonly smart which is both good and bad. They know enough to follow a wide range of instructions, they also have enough of a stubborn streak that they will often selectively follow them. Huskies use their smarts a lot like toddlers do, which means your husky may manipulate you into doing things that you never thought you would do, for example, when Luna doesn't feel like walking, she will sit, even if we are only halfway through the walk. Which leaves me two options, carry her myself or wait for her to 'feel' like walking again.  Both of those choices are fine with her, neither is fine with me! When she is feeling like it though, she can impress me with her smarts.

Are Huskies good with kids?
Siberian huskies can be wonderful with kids! Luna and my kids are a wonderful little pack and they get along well, she steals their stuffies and they have to go take them back. A fun game for all! Kids need to be trained in appropriate dog behaviors before you bring your husky home though as they could bite and get nervous when people move very suddenly at them, which kids often do. Luna tends to be pretty shy with the small toddlers because they are unpredictable and she doesn't really like having her face grabbed so when I walk her, I make sure any kids who come up ask before petting and let her come to them instead of the other way around. At no point have I had any concerns about her biting or being unfriendly with kids at all though, when she is nervous she will just get behind me instead of getting aggressive. 

san antonio, texas

Can Huskies swim?
Most definitely yes. Huskies can not only swim when needed or desired, they generally love anything to do with water. My husky loves the water so much that she will try to swim in her water bowl, in the bathtub, in her wading pool and even in random puddles of water. Be prepared when you bring your husky home to live in a wonderful water friendly home.

Do Huskies get along with cats?
Huskies have a very, very high predatory drive. They see small animals and want to kill and eat them. There are exceptions to this, if you get your husky as a pup and have a cat already they quite often can get along just fine. My husky likes to wrestle with my cat, because my cat thinks it is a dog, but I would not ever leave them alone together because I don't trust her completely not to let basic instinct to take over.

Do Huskies bark?
Huskies are one of the chattiest medium breed dogs out there. If you are searching for a pet that will talk to you at any opportunity, this is definitely a breed to consider. It does vary from dog to dog individually how vocal and what type of vocal they are though. Luna is a barker. As a puppy, her friend Annie the German Shepherd taught her to bark at others as a sign that it was playtime and after picking up on that cue Luna definitely barks for playtime fun. She will also howl to say hello when I have been gone and she will chatter when it is mealtime. But each husky is different when it comes to the sounds that they make, barking is definitely part of the fun of having this energetic and vivacious breed.

Do Siberian huskies bite?
Given the right conditions, yes. Siberian huskies, like any breed can be biters. With proper training however, biting is not a major issue. When Luna was very small she would nip quite a bit but we would go into major dramatics like our arm was going to fall off each time she did, so she would understand that biting hurt her people and she has cut back on it a lot. Now the only time we get the bite is during playtime when she mistakes my hand for the toy that I am onto. 

san antonio, texas

When it comes to deciding whether a husky is a good fit for your home and lifestyle, it is important to research all the questions you have before you go and get one, it is always best to be positive that it is going to be a perfect addition to your family before committing!

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