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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Luna the Husky and Learning to Sit

Luna the Husky and Learning to Sit

After successfully learning both "look at me," and "come," it was time to teach Luna the all important, "sit," command.  This command is imperative to having a well-behaved husky! Once mastered, huskies should be able to sit on cue whether a squirrel is dashing across the road or you have a fun visitor stopping by.  Their nature may ensure however, that they don't listen every single time as huskies have a mind of their own and like to be a little stubborn occasionally so don't be surprised that even after mastering the command they don't 100% follow it.  They should at least do it the majority of the time though, you can't let your husky be the master! 

San Antonio, Texas, Dogs
Luna sits before we cross the road!
For Luna, because we had already worked on other commands, it was simple to move on to the next one.  She was ready to learn and is always excited for a delightful treat. To teach her easily, I first told her to come, look at me, then proceeded to tell her to sit.  When she looked confused and wanted the treat and didn't get it, I lifted the treat up over her head so she has to look up to see it, and then I pushed gently down on her booty.  The second she was sitting, she got the treat.  It only took two more rounds of repeating for her to understand the command.  This is not going to be true of every husky or every dog in general, they are all different and have different learning curves.  It is important that you stay patient as you work with your pet, giving lots of praise so they feel encouraged.
The quality of the treat can often determine the pet's desire to work for it too. For example if I try to do tricks with the small dog Milk Bone snacks, Luna doesn't even give me a second glance.  So instead for her command training, I use a meaty one from Blue Dog Bakery, Perfect Trainers

They are very small so she can have several which is good because when I do training time with her we work together for at least 10 minutes.  I also keep extras around the house to treat her when she follows the command and we aren't having a training session. This helps to instill the concept that it isn't just for show, but should be listened to at all times. 
When it comes to picking out good treats, you can always take your pup to the store with you and let them try out different fresh baked items too, this let's you get a good idea of what will definitely work for your pet before buying.

San Antonio, TX husky
Just sitting and looking at me on the couch!

As with the other commands, once they have mastered the skill, don't treat them every single time, rotate your type of praise so eventually they will listen to you without the need for an edible, unless of course, you want to always treat - it is entirely up to you as the puppy parent! 

Remember that if you have other people in your "pack" that you want to have your husky listening to, they should be training with them as well! Here are my Nicolas and Emileen working on sit with Luna!

Clearly Luna knows the drill! 

She is really loving the "shake" command too! :)

Check out this HuskyTraining page for more on teaching your pup to sit! 

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