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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Luna the Husky and Umbilical Cord Training

Luna the Husky and Umbilical Cord Training

When I first brought Luna the husky home, it had been six years since I had experienced a puppy in my home.  In that time it was easy to forget all about the crazy things that little dogs do and she quickly reminded me just how much work puppies really are! 
I didn't want to give her free range of the house, but I also didn't have baby gates up to keep her contained so I decided to work on a different type of training.  Umbilical cord training.

San Antonio, Texas
Walking with her 6' lead

With this system, puppies are leashed at all times so you always know what they are up to.  There are several benefits to training with this method and of course it is most effective if you are like me and spend most of your time with your puppy. You can choose the length of space you give them, I chose a six foot span for Luna and it worked out well for us. 
The first major benefit of umbilical training is bonding. 
Because you will be attached to your puppy at all times, they will depend on you for everything from playtime to feeding to cuddling.  This immediately bonded Luna to me and as she is already a major pack dog, being a husky, this method really helped to develop our bond. 
San Antonio, Texas
Luna and I enjoy car rides :)
Using umbilical training you can more effectively potty train. Having Luna attached to me it was easy to tell when she needed to go because she would start pacing and trying to pull away because, like most dogs, she did not want to go in front of me. So each time she started getting antsy we would go outside and I would tell her to pee or poop.  I did train each of those words individually as it is helpful when you are wanting to go somewhere and not wanting to wait for your husky to smell every daisy in the yard before leaving.  Of course, when she was very little we were going out every 20 minutes, she goes a little longer between breaks now but it was a lot of work so be prepared to put in the time with your pup!
Another benefit of umbilical training is how you save your furniture, toys and other items.  Having Luna attached to me, I was able to immediately work on "no," "drop it," and "leave it." All of these commands help to make your puppy a well behaved dog someday so it is important to use them each time your puppy is being naughty and be very consistent.  There is never a time when you should have to use the words, "bad dog," if the dog was able to do the naughty thing in the first place then you are at fault. Just like as a parent I am responsible for everything my kids do from good to bad, the same is true of me and my pets. 
A last major benefit of umbilical training is that is introduces your pet to proper walking etiquette. They will be familiar and comfortable with the leash after a short period of time and as you take them out to potty and go around the house doing your daily things, your puppy will learn to go with you at your pace and not yank on the leash. 
San Antonio, TX
Leash never stopped Luna from hanging with friends!

Timing with the umbilical training is completely between you and your pet of course.  With Luna, it was about two months, one month of that was me working with giving her a little time off the leash to roam and learn and when she would do something she shouldn't like have an accident or chew on a flip flop back on the leash she would go.  Huskies are very smart dogs and Luna did pick up on the behavior bonuses quickly so her time off leash was extended a little at a time until she was able to have freedom (of most of the house anyway:)). 
Even now though there are times when she will be leashed, like when she decides she should walk on the kitchen table....then she gets about 10 minutes of leash time with me to chill out. This training method is a versatile option for you, providing an opportunity for you to work closely with your pet as they go through the first stages of life. 

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