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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Luna the Husky Trying her Nylabone Antler Alternative

Luna the Husky Trying her Nylabone Antler Alternative

For her latest toy, I got Luna my husky a Nylabone Essentials, Antler Alternative to see if it really does hold up like the real deal.  The Nylabone is detailed to look like an antler, giving an attempt at a natural look. It has a venison flavor throughout, to encourage puppies to enjoy the whole thing. The toy is advertised as being long lasting, but of course the real test is seeing how long it takes for Luna to destroy it! After about five minutes of chew time she has made a dent but not too bad in these pictures. 

This Nylabone says is designed for powerful chewers, however I would categorize it more for light to medium chewing, unless Luna is really out of this world on her destruction skills. It is definitely holding her attention though which is the most important thing to me, I need something that will keep her busy! 
The antler alternative, just like with other dog toys needs to be monitored while your dog uses it. It is very important as any loose pieces need to be thrown out and if the toy gets too small it should be discarded too so your canine companion doesn't choke on it.

I got this specific bone at our local HEB as an impulse puppy buy but you can easily find one to try in other major pet stores and also at Amazon, which always has decent deals on dog toys! It has a decent size for medium sized chewers, but make sure you get the right size for the largest dog in your home, you don't want to leave anyone out of puppy toy play fun!

Clearly Luna is a fan of her new toy, she brought it over to my chair and then proceeded to lay directly on top of it, since she wasn't chewing on it she wanted to make sure the other dogs weren't either! What a silly puppy!
Here is the first five minutes of Luna working on her new toy! Take a look! 

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