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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Pet Stain And Odor Miracle, Enzyme Cleaner

Pet Stain And Odor Miracle, Enzyme Cleaner 

When it comes to having a new puppy in your home, messes are inevitable.  And where there is one mess, many times it leads to multiple messes in the same area.  When your husky pup pees, they leave behind an odor that even after regular cleaning, they can smell. So when they need to go again, they will automatically return to that same spot thinking that is their designated potty place.  That is one reason why it is recommended that you take them to the same place in your yard repeatedly as this can make potty training go faster. They recognize the scent and make the assocation that they should continue going there. 
When I brought Luna my husky home, I had every intention of umbilical training her which has been very successful. 
That doesn't stop the occasional accident though and I was just using a water vinegar mix to clean up, not realizing that the vinegar wasn't actually removing the enzymes.  So after looking around and trying a couple different cleaners out, I found one that has worked wonders.  This Pet Stain And Odor Miracle, Enzyme Cleaner  is actually great for not only cleaning up her occasional pee accidents but it also fixes the odor that gets left behind. It can also take care of the cat messes and other icky things that leave stinks behind.  I am able to use it on all sorts of different surfaces too, so it is kind of an all-in-one option which makes it super easy for me to clean as needed. 
It gets rid of the stains that show up on carpets and wood floors and can also clean out the stains that happen on furniture like the couch.
Another important aspect of the cleaner is that it is safe to be used around both pets and children so as I am teaching my kids how to clean up after the animals, they can use it too! I definitely recommend trying this out if you find that your pet is constantly going potty in the same spots over and over again. 
Amazon has pretty good deals on it and they ship pretty quickly too!

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