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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Some Thoughts On Kong Dog Toys

Some Thoughts On Kong Dog Toys

Recently I have run into some people who had some questions about Kong toys, as that brand seems to be one that works pretty well with Luna my husky's ferocious dog grip so I thought maybe I could provide a few answers to help you make a good purchasing choice when it comes to your own special pet.

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Offering A Peanut Butter Filled Kong Pacifier

The first question I wanted to address was, “Do Kong toys actually work?”

Yes. For all intents and purposes each Kong toy works, just different ways. Some are intended to help with dogs that enjoy chewing like the Kong Puppy Tire, which is designed to promote healthy gums and teeth.  This toy, as with many of the Kong toys, actually serves a dual purpose as you can stuff the inside track to add to the interest. It is also freezable to sooth sore puppy gums.  There are toys that are made to keep them busy like the Biscuit Ball which can be filled up with peanut butter or other treats so they have to work to get the goodies out.  There are also some to interact with like this classic Kong Tug toy that allows you to play some good old tug of war with your canine companion. As with any toy, each of these is only going to be as useful as your puppy finds them though and just like with people some toys just won’t do the trick, while others will keep them busy for hours.

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Just a Little Nibble

The next question I have heard a couple times was, “Are Kong dog toys indestructible?”

No.  There is no such thing as an indestructible toy and if there was I wouldn’t purchase it for my pup, as my husky only feels like she is doing her job right when she actually accomplishes the act of destruction on her toy.  Out of the brands we have tried so far, however, her Kong toys have held up very well.  It takes Luna a lot of work to get into them and that is exactly what they are constructed for.

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Cute Husky and her Pacifier!

Of course the most important question of all is, “Are Kong toys safe for my dog?”

Yes. Kong toys are definitely safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes to play with. However, it is important that you get the right size toy for your dog as small toys become choking hazards for large mouths. Also, just like with any other brand of toy, it is extremely important that you monitor your pet’s playtime with them. They are not designed to be gobbled up, so small pieces that eventually break off will need to be immediately disposed of.

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Luna the Husky Playing

When it comes to Kong dog toys, the brand is very compatible with mid to heavy chewers, like my little Luna. I love that there are a variety to choose from and that they are dual purpose. I would certainly recommend seeing if your pet would also like to try them out too! 

Here are some Kong Toys to try with your pup!!

Do you have questions about Kong Toys? Ask away!!!

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