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Friday, August 11, 2017

Thoughts on Universal City Dog Park

Thoughts on Universal City Dog Park

Luna the husky is lucky that she lives in the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas as it allows her to see more than one type of dog park so she can make all kinds of puppy friends and do new things! Recently, one of the parks that we frequent was shut down though, as a strand of puppy cold that there is not a vaccine for was found, so it needed to be cleaned.  
After a few weeks though, Universal City Dog Park has now re-opened and as it is the closest active park to our house, we were happy to stop by and see if the joint is jumping again.

Universal City Dog Park, Texas
Always Happy to Head to the Dog Park!

When we go to the dog park it is usually early evening, as the 100 degree heat of the day is finally letting up, so that way Luna can actually spend more than five minutes enjoying her social time. Clearly there are many dog owners who feel the same way because it was a busy, busy park this time when we stopped by! 
It was funny watching Luna because she will stop for a sniff with other dogs, but doesn't generally get too playful with them unless they are smaller like her buddy Thor (Boston Terrier) but when Annie the German Shepherd showed up Luna went leaping across the park like she hadn't seen her forever (we had literally just come from dinner night where Luna gets to play with Annie every week while the family hangs out lol!).
The park was looking pretty good, at this one there is a lot of dirt areas so the dogs can get good and messy before loading back up into the cars! 
A Quick Hello to the Doggies

Luna and Annie Like to Stick Together!
The biggest downside to going to the Universal City Dog Park is that none of the benches have backs to them which makes it pretty uncomfortable for the dog owners! There is a nice little walking path though so Luna can follow people walking their dogs and there is a doggy playscape that she avoids like the plague.  Annie will go up there though along with the kids which is always fun to see! 
The water situation at the park is great! There are two large areas with fountains for both people and dogs so there is plenty of water to go around and as Luna is a water beast, she does enjoy a good dig in the buckets to really get everyone soaked! There is also super easy access to the little dog park which works perfectly as my kids like to wander around the whole park climbing the trees and meeting the dogs and their people. 
Overall I really enjoy taking Luna to the Universal City Dog Park and I am very happy that it is finally open again! 

Universal City Dog Park, Texas
Hanging with Kia!

Universal City Dog Park, Texas
Its all about the pack!

Universal City Dog Park, Texas
Can't leave Annie out!

Extra notes on park safety: Remember, when taking your pet to the park to make sure they are up to date on all vaccines necessary to safely interact with other dogs and wildlife! You want your pup to be safe along with all the other pups who get to go out and play! Also, especially when it comes to hot days, always be prepared with extra water bottles so you can stay hydrated along with your dog - you never know if the water features at the park will be working efficiently. And even though most dog parks stay well stocked in the doggy bag arena, it never hurts to bring extras just in case. A clean park is a fun park!

Universal City Dog Park, Texas
Happy Luna is a Dirty Luna!

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