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Monday, October 9, 2017

Husky Bark Control

Husky Bark Control

A fun and wonderful part of having your very own Siberian Husky is having an opportunity to conversate with your pet.  They really enjoy a good howl whether its to tell you they are hungry, they want to play or pretty much anything that comes to mind.  I was very excited when we got Luna, to have a howl buddy because I myself am quite a chatter-er. As it turns out, she is actually pretty quiet, she will give me a bit of talk when I get her food and she will bark at her canine buddies Thor and Bella when she is ready to romp but other than that I don't hear her howl too often.

A less pleasant aspect of the husky is their barking.  Luna's friend Annie taught her that she should bark at others to say hello, to invite a play or just to chat in general which by itself is not a big deal as she isn't aggressive but it makes walking trickier.  The barking is more ferocious sounding than the howling so when I take her for a walk, well let's just say it terrifies the neighbors and they think she isn't friendly when she gives her hello bark.

To assist with this barking behavior I decided on the next step up from the Easy Walk Harness, which I really enjoy using for training Luna to walk like a lady!

*Note* Before deciding to use any method to control or correct your pups barking, make sure you know the source! Trying to change their behavior or punishing them for something that they should be doing (such as protective barking when a bad guy approaches) can cause more problems rather than good!

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

The Petsafe Gentle Leader head collar allows you to not only prevent your pup from barking, but it is also an effective training tool to keep your pet from pulling on the leash. It immediately took care of Luna's barking issue and after a couple uses, she doesn't bark when we walk anymore so it was a definite win for us. This collar doesn't choke dogs and is painless to use which is a huge bonus as I don't really like using negative forms to control my husky's behavior. It is also pretty easy to use, so we were able to get ready for walking time really quickly.

The straps on the leader are adjustable, so it will fit snugly for a comfortable and secure walking experience. With a neoprene padded nose loop, the leader is also gentle on your pup's snout. I highly recommend giving this training tool a chance to help deter your husky from the scary walking bark.

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