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My Top Recommended Dog Products

Here is a list of my Top Recommended Dog Products

Not sure what will work best for your husky pup? Here is a great starting place to get them on the right track!!! I have compiled a list of items that have worked well with my special Luna and hope your pup - whether husky or not enjoys them as much as mine!

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Pet Steal of the Week!!

When it comes to cleaning up after your puppy, I have found that this Pet Stains and Odor Miracle is very helpful. It is made to remove not only the stains they leave behind but the smells too so they don't come back to the same area and re-use it. I can use it on all the surfaces at my house which is convenient, nothing more time consuming than having to change cleaners per location! This cleaner is for sure my pick of the week!

Your siberian husky pup will need a durable leash and harness, these are the ones that work for Luna! The Kurgo pack is very helpful as it let's her carry her water bowl, treats and doggy bags on our walks around the block.  It isn't super heavy and the mesh harness material makes it very breathable for her. It is important to have a durable leash, and we have more than one option because it is fun to have different styles and colors to work with!


If you are having any issues walking your husky then the Easy Walk Harness is a must-have.  It immediately made walking Luna so much easier, I feel like I have complete control when I use it so definitely try it out. 

When it comes to chewing, Huskies are medium to tough chewers so here are a couple of Luna's favorites to try out that have actually lasted! I like the ones you can fill with peanut butter and other treats too as it keeps her busy and actually bonuses for her successful work!


I highly recommend crate training for your husky pup to save your furniture and keep them from being so anxious when you have to be gone for a period of time. This crate features little rollers at the bottom so it is easy to move around and it has a carry handle too although Luna can pull that down into her cage so I don't use it.

This crate comes with two doors which is very handy as well as a divider which is very important to accommodate your growing puppy!
Inside the crate I just have a towel inside in case she wants something warm to sleep on, which is not usually the case as she is a hot tamale! But she does use it as a pillow! I also keep a bone in there so she can self entertain until I am ready to get up in the morning.
Once your pup has outgrown that chew on everything stage, this BarksBar bed offers a comfortable option for resting in between romps! It will fit medium to large dogs easily so your husky will have plenty of wiggle room. It can even help older dogs who have orthopedic issues!